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Buying and Selling

Montreal's #1 Eco-Realtor. I inspire people to go green with buying, selling & renovations.


Jolly Green Homes

Healthy alternatives to home buying and living. Choosing for your body, your home & planet earth.


Real Estate Investing

Our Real Estate Investment community offers informative sessions & dynamic guest speakers.



"We were first time home buyers when we were referred to Jennifer by our bank manager. She made our experience of purchasing our first home so easy and enjoyable, and included us in all processes of the transaction. She was absolutely in tune with what we were looking for in a home, answered all our questions and made us feel we were in control of our purchase. Five years later, and we are still very much in touch! I have, and will continue to recommend Jennifer to others. Thank you Jennifer for your kindness and upmost professionalism!"

melindatestimonial Melinda Paradis,
Marketing assistant, P.A., Melke PTY LTD



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hiddencash_ebook-cover_finalwidgetHidden Cash:  Increase Your Building's Potential

We all want the get the most out of our investments. But how do we do it? Over the years, I have seen thousands of properties and counselled owners on how to increase their value. In this guide, I’d like to share with you some ideas so you can pick and choose what works best for you and your situation.
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