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In 2010 I started a real estate investors group and started teaching workshops to beginner investors. The skills I share encompasses every aspect of buying a real estate investment from number crunching to spotting a great deal and what type of investor do you want to become.

We meet and develop a relationship to see if we are the right fit to move forward.  If we are both comfortable and happy, I will go over every aspect of the buying process with you and work on your wish list. Once that’s done, I will send you property listings for you to look over. My job is to book all the visit. It’s important for us to see the property together so I can analyze the structure and it’s finishings to accurately assess its true value.

One of the best values that I bring to the table is knowing how a building works and the cost of repair. After attending hundreds of inspections and doing years of renovations, I consider myself talented in knowing major aspects of a building.  Right away I can tell you if you’ll need to invest money in brick or foundation repair for example. A professional building inspection is extremely important after an accepted offer, however I may be able to notice things right off the bat that will save you time and money.

From A-Z, I will take care of timelines, problem solving, obstacles and other factors that might relate to the offer. My goal is to make this process for you as easy and stress free as possible.


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"Being new to the real estate investment world it was easy to find a real estate agent in Montreal that was willing to work with me but Jennifer was the one who stuck with me through my learning curve and really gave me the best advice. I did not always like it but she was right. Jennifer and I have worked several files and her determination, patients and enthusiasm for each one has been unparalleled. Most people work with a real estate agent occasionally. I work with Jennifer on a daily basis and she has been diligent and fun. Because of that I will continue to work with Jennifer to build my real estate investment business."  -Kevin Gunn, Dorval Qc