Working with Seniors

Team work

Our goal is to help you with your every real estate need. We work with different specialized services to provide a full and comprehensive service to meet varied needs.

Feeling lost and alone when it comes to helping your aging parents? What are different options out there?

Just the thought of moving, downsizing or relocating to a retirement residence can be very emotional and confusing. It is a delicate step in life with of variety of aspects and emotions to consider.

We understand. Our goal is to create a team approach to help you open up the conversation and explore the different options that are available.  Let me introduce to you to Marie-Claude Giguère, founder of Helping Seniors.

I’ve been working with Marie-Claude for years and she is the most patient, understanding and knowledgeable senior enthusiast I have ever met. Incredibly wise and professional, I know that she will take all the burden off your shoulders and help your aging parents situation move forward.

Whether you stay or move, we explore whole real estate question. Marie-Clause will help guide the conversation regarding to stay or to move/downsizing and I will ensure to guide you through the real estate market. Together our goal is to respect your time frame, as well as help your aging parents, and find solutions that fit your unique needs.

We will make the process as effortless and stress free as possible, by:

  • Helping open up the discussions with your aging parents and their current situation
  • Exploring the best options, whether the choice is stay at home or to relocate to a retirement residence
  • Discussing selling or renting out the family home
  • Taking the weight off your shoulders

There are a lot of factors to consider. We will go over real estate and how it all works, so you can come to an educated decision.

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