The Right Property For YOU

Saving Time and Money

One of the best values that I bring to the table is knowing if the property is a good deal or a money pit. Right away I can tell you if you’ll need to invest money in brick or foundation repair for example. A professional building inspection is extremely important after an accepted offer, however I will notice things right off the bat that will save you time and money.


One Stop Shop

I’ve built a strong network of specialist, to give clients a seamless experience throughout the whole real estate journey. Besides showing up and making some decisions, there is nothing for you to do but relax and let me take care of you.                                                                                                                          Don’t take my word for it, ask my happy Previous Clients 

Using a broker to buy is free

100% Free when using me to buy a property off of Centris. And why wouldn’t you have someone on your team batting for you?

1st Thing to do: Get yourself a Realtor for buying! 

  • We are FREE! Free advice. Free Free Free Free Free Free…
  • We know the market – you will know fair market price before you put in an offer.
  • Saving you time and money.
  • Protection for you…do you know real estate law?
  • Knowing small details to put in an offer.
  • Knowing what questions to ask a seller.
  • Database of resources.
  • Expert negotiator…knowing how things work in real estate. There are tricks!
  • If you think you’ll save on the commission, you won’t. It’s been set at a price, whether you bring a realtor on the scene or not. If you don’t, the listing realtor receives the whole amount, instead of it being split in two.
  • Just remember the listing broker’s first interest is their client, THE SELLER.

Is it a good idea to work with a real estate broker to buy?


2nd Thing to do: Get yourself a Mortgage Broker. Why?

  • Knowing how much the banks will lend you.
  • Once an offer is accepted, the timeline is short so it’s always best to have all your pertinent documents on file.
  • It’s a must in a multiple offer situation.
  • Lock in a low interest rate.
  • Some sellers won’t show unless you are approved.

Planning on buying? Pre-approval is the first step.

Know your buying capacity by obtaining a free pre-approval

The benefits of a pre-approval

  • You’ll save time knowing what homes you can afford.
  • You can better manage your money, knowing your monthly payment amounts, as well as how much your down payment will be.
  • Most mortgage rate will be locked in against increases for about 90-120 days, if you select a fixed rate term (and it can go lower if rates go down).
  • Makes presenting an offer more appealing (a must in a multiple offer situation).
  • If you are in competition with another offer, it will give you an edge.
  • After an accepted offer, the timeline shortens, as its quicker to get the final approval.
  • There’s no cost to you and you’re not obligated to accept the mortgage.

 How it all works

  • We meet, talk about property type, price, costs, location, budget/including any renovations and create a wish-list of features.
  • I then send you listings that match your criteria.
  • You send a list back of which properties you would like to visit along with feedback.
  • I book all the visits. VERY IMPORTANT. Saving you time.
  • A good realtor will get a good feel of what you want, which saves time.
  • Depleted the market?? You can request to be set up on Auto-Email.
  • Visiting open houses is encouraged. Please give the host your broker’s business card.

Find a property you love?

  • Time to write up an offer.
  • We will be reviewing together the sold comparable in the area.
  • We will set timelines and decide on conditions.
  • Look at inclusions and exclusions (usually they are in the listing)
  • Decide on move-in date/notary signing.
  • Review and sign their declaration report. Becomes part of the promise to purchase.

I work in many areas in and around the Montreal area. I have written some informative articles on Saint-Henri, NDG, Lachine, Pointe-Claire, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. I’m definitely not limited to just these areas. If you would like me to write and article on an area that you love, let me know!


Submitting offer

  • Everything from here goes really fast…don’t expect to get much sleep over the excitement!
  • I submits all the documents necessary to the mortgage broker for the banks approval.
  • I will be there at the inspection.
  • I monitor all the timelines and make sure EVERYONE is on track.

Property is now SOLD

  • Once all conditions are fulfilled, the listing broker sends all the documents to the notary and the property is considered sold.
  • Your insurance company will send a letter to the notary explaining that you are fully covered as of the day of signing. No letter, no signing.
  • Now you wait until the signing. Nothing to do. Waiting, waiting, waiting…doing drive bys…checking out your new place from the outside…feeling like a stalker.

At the Notary

  • You’ll go in a week before the closing to sign your mortgage with the notary.
  • The official closing takes about 45 minutes. The sellers will be there as well.
  • You’ll receive the keys.
  • Good idea to exchange contact information.
  • Any warranty or receipts that you asked for will be given here.