UP & COMING WORKSHOP “Green up your home and save money” – Assess building problems and find ecological solutions. Hey Everyone…This is a superb opportunity to gain knowledge on how to renovate and upgrade your building to save time and money in the long run. I am extremely excited that construction is moving in this direction. Be the forward doer and thinker, or stay behind with the rest.

About the course:
This one day workshop is for you to assess building problems and find ecological solutions. Participants will gain a working knowledge of “building science basics”, to better assess future efficiency investments to your homes. You’ll learn the best value for upgrades with the best return on investment.

Date: April 26th, 2014,
Time: 9am-5pm
Registration fee: $195
Location: Maison des Artistes du Mile End, 5555 de Gaspé suite 200, Montréal H2T 2A3
Details on signing up: http://www.meetup.com/Montreal-Real-Estate-Investing/events/163701452/

This course will cover:

  • The principles of sustainable building
  • Cost effective energy efficient upgrades with the best return on investment
  • Problems caused by building envelope failures
  • Controlling moisture movement through walls
  • Dispelling the myths surrounding air barriers and vapour barriers
  • Solar, geothermal & wind energy
  • Flexible design: make future changes easier
  • Insulation
  • Windows
  • Home lighting : efficiency and quality of life
  • Healthy finishing: protecting indoor air quality

The teacher is Mike Reynolds, LEED AP Homes
Mike Reynolds is a former Home builder and project manager, with experience working with many high performance wall systems. Mike is the LEED for Homes Green Rater in Outaouais, Quebec, and a founder of Ecohome and the editor of Ecohome.net. This web portal which is intended to make green building techniques and resources more accessible to Canadian homeowners, provides news, events, and a free online building guide.
Mike Reynolds, (819) 773-1429 mreynolds@ecohome.net www.ecohome.net

Students and staff found your presentation interesting, informative, and enlightening. Our carpentry students now have a better understanding of eco home building principles and will be able to incorporate these techniques into their projects. Judging by the way our students responded to your presentation, you definitely got them thinking seriously about building healthy, energy efficient and environmentally friendly houses. Presentations like yours should be a required component of every carpentry course. -Rick Johnston, Coordinator/Teacher, Carpentry Program, WQSB, Maniwaki ,Quebec

I brought my building envelope students to an Ecohome workshop on passive heating and cooling, and I could tell by the discussion that ensued how engaged the students were. Ecohome reinforced many core principles I try to instill in my students, that simple is better than complicated, and that we need to break away from what we *think* we know about building performance and take advantage of lessons learned from the successes and failures of what has been built in the past. It’s great content and I hope to do it again with future classes. -Jeff Johnston, Arch. Tech., B. Arch., Architectural Technology, Vanier CEGEP/College

Ecohome is well into a long term project with NFSB, helping facilitate a student-built LEED home that will be donated to Habitat for Humanity. The project is called ‘Our House’ and is helping NFSB position themselves as the green building school of Quebec. Graduating students will have participated in the building of a custom designed, high performance multi-family home with its sights on the highest LEED rating possible, one that will provide homes for two families in need.
The Ecohome expertise has helped tremendously with our “Our House” project. The cutting edge environmentally friendly building techniques that the Ecohome team has passed along to our staff, students and community is improving our knowledge base in order to keep up with the latest in eco-trends construction. Add to that, Mike Reynolds even rocked it out with our teachers during our fundraising concert, we feel very fortunate to have a knowledgeable and committed partner such as Ecohome in this community building endeavor. The sweet sound of success! -Chuck Halliday, NFSB Development Agent

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