About Jennifer

Jennifer Lynn Walker is an accredited affiliated broker, eco-realtor, author and speaker. A recognized authority on all aspects of real estate, investing and green homes, she has served as an advisor to buyers and sellers for more than 15 years.

Organizer, Educator and founder of Montreal Real Estate Investor’s Group since 2010. Monthly meetups consist of two hour workshops with organized guest speakers and/or her presenting on real estate investing.

Jennifer is a regular contributor for The Suburban Newspaper. Educating readers on the ins and outs of real estate, from home design, buying and selling, investing, inspection and more.

She has been featured in The Gazette and Montreal Home Magazine, illuminating her credentials and knowledge as an eco-broker.

Founder of Jolly Green Homes foundation, she is deeply committed creating a healthy home and planet for you and your family. She can help you with alternative green ways of renovating, home maintenance and can recommend eco-friendly resources and products.

I believe like-minded attracts. If you feel it, connect with me. It would be my pleasure to serve you.

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