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05/17/2021 Happy Spring Everyone! Thinking of renovating instead of selling?
04/22/2021 – Why the Canadian Housing Market Is Soaring in the Pandemic
03/17/2021 – Visiting Properties: What to Watch For.
03/03/2021 – A Strong Seller’s Market can Make the Market More Difficult!
01/24/2021 – Here we are, 2021. Did you know time to sell is almost cut in half?
09/16/2020 – What is a building inspection and why is it so important?
08/14/2020 – Is it a Good Idea to Work with a Real Estate Broker When You Buy?
07/23/2020 – Protect Yourself and Declare Everything
06/23/2020 – 10 Top Eco Renovation Tips
05/14/2020 – Revive your Exterior and Sell your Property Faster
04/11/2020 – Consider Resale Value Before You Renovate
03/15/2020 – How to handle the STRESS of buying or selling real estate
02/14/2020 – The Added Value of Home Staging
12/12/2019 – Clear the Clutter and Lighten Up Emotionally and Physically
11/13/2019 – Don’t take yourself out of the game with a high asking price
10/23/2019 – The Ins and Outs of Buying a Condo
8/22/2019 – Buying with or without legal warranty
7/7/2019 – Learn how the the market is not slowing down this year!
5/16/2019 – Join my NEW “homeowners community” to service all my clients.
2/17/2019 –  Did you know Lachine is Rich in Vintage Properties?
1/20/2019 – Looking for an area to buy in? Have you thought about in Saint-Henri?
11/30/2018 – Where Does Your Money Go When you Sell Your House
06/21/2018 – Ten Dos and Don’ts to Help Sell Your Home for Top Dollar
05/29/2018 – So you want to be a real estate investor…
05/01/2018 – Repossessions: What The Banks Don’t Tell You
04/03/2018 – What to look for when buying a condo
03/07/2018 – It’s a sellers market so prepare for multiple offers
02/04/2018 – Stage Your House with Low Cost Upgrades
12/23/2017 – Government cashback with the Renoclimat program
11/26/2017 – Banks are approving buyers, but not houses
10/10/2017 – Picking the Right Mortgage Broker
08/20/2017 – Did you know Airbnb can be risky business?

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