Speedy Reply From Agents

How important is a speedy reply from real estate agents? Will it cost you a buyer for your home?

It might. That is why it is so important to know whether or not your real estate broker is “connected” everyday in taking care of your business.

Part of my job is calling brokers. Actually it’s a big part of my job when I am working with buyers. There are three ways I can contact them: by our internal text messaging system, office phone or on some cases, their cell phone. I am always surprised at how long it takes some brokers to get back, if they get back to me at all. The other day I was booking 8 homes for viewing for buyers visiting from out of town. I contacted them all by our internal text messaging system first. I was amazed that only 5 answered me within 24 hours. Some of the brokers took over 2 days to respond. Is this the type of action you want for your house that you want to sell? I hope not!

What can you do?

When you are planning on working with an agent, do a test call and email them. See how long it takes them to get back to you. You will be surprised how it varies greatly.

You want to work with a real estate broker that is on top of contacting you or a potential buyer back ASAP. It could be the difference between a thriving or dying business.



Real Estate Broker & Educator

Jennifer Lynn Walker has specialized in buying and selling both residential and multiplex properties since 2003. She’s built a strong network of specialist, to give her clients a seamless experience throughout the real estate journey. Founder of Montreal Real Estate Investor’s Group, and Jolly Green Homes.  How can I help you today?