I see a LOT of buyers visiting open houses who are not represented by a realtor. I’m always amazed at this because of the benefits of working with one. There are only benefits. In fact not working with one is limiting you and your journey in buying a property.By choosing me to help you buy a home, you will gain…let me explain my role to you:

  • It doesn’t cost you anything. My payment comes by sharing the fee with the listing agent. The fee was
    agreed on when the vendor signed the contract with the listing broker.
  • When buyers purchase directly from the agent listing the house, they are
    not saving any money, as that agent receives full commission from the vendor.
  • I will save you time by booking appointments & getting information from the listing agent.
  • I work for you, so you’re not subject to being represented by the listing broker who’s first priority is the seller.
  • I will show you sold comparables of the house you want to buy to make sure you know the market value.
  • I have years of experience so when situations occur, I know the answers or know where to find them.
  • I know what to put in an offer that will benefit you…little things also matters like leftover paint and tiles.
  • You have someone negotiating for you.
  • You have someone you can rely on and ask hard questions.
  • My software for searching is a lot more detailed and can also find properties that may not be on mls.
  • I will be able to send you a listing as soon as it’s put on the market, in real time.
  • I have a resource data base of tested professionals.
  • I protect your best interest.

Where it will hurt you the most by not having your own representation is when you’re in a multiple offer situation. Refer to this article to find out more:  Multiple offer and Buyers.


Real Estate Broker & Educator

Jennifer Lynn Walker has specialized in buying and selling both residential and multiplex properties since 2003. She’s built a strong network of specialist, to give her clients a seamless experience throughout the real estate journey. Founder of Montreal Real Estate Investor’s Group, and Jolly Green Homes.  How can I help you today?