A friend told me how I could get cashback from the government by going green. She explained that a professional home energy evaluation could be done on my home through a government  program called “Renoclimat“.Along with an energy evaluation, I would be given a report with energy-saving renovation suggestions. Following their guidelines, she ended up getting a couple of thousand dollars from the government on her home project.

The way it works
A professional inspector will come to your home and measure the air leakage. To perform this test, they use a blower door that is attached to one of the external doors of the house. This device is equipped with a large fan and a nylon frame. The idea is for the fan to create an air tight seal, so that any air leakage would become apparent. The inspector will then walk around the building to find the areas of air infiltration. These areas are taken into account for the final analysis.

Big advantage for selling your home
My client had the analysis done before she put her house on the market to sell. She followed all their suggestions. They also told her that her “older” windows were a normal quality standard and need not be replaced as they are functioning efficiently. After she accepted an offer on her house, the inspection report stated in to verify the condition of the older windows. We had proof that the quality was fine which stopped the buyer’s from potentially asking for a price reduction.

Quebecspec.ca did the energy inspection on my home. I’m planning on finishing my basement and adding extra insulation to the roof, so I thought I would take advantage of this program. They told me that I would probably get about $900 cashback for the basement renovations and $600 cashback for doing the roof. AWESOME!

I was also given some excellent suggestions that I would have never thought of

  • Add extra foam insulation and caulking around the windows under the moulding;
  • Add extra insulation behind the 1/4 round floor moulding;
  • Add extra insulation around electrical outlets and plugs;
  • Seal joints by caulking in the rafters of the ceiling where the foundation meets.

Rénoclimat can help you with your home renovations and reduce your energy bills.

The Rénoclimat program includes:

  • A tour of your home by a Rénoclimat energy efficiency advisor;
  • An energy evaluation of your home (before and after renovations);
  • An evaluation report indicating the renovations that can improve the energy performance of your home;
  • An EnerGuide rating of your home (before and after renovations);
  • Financial assistance options based on the nature of the work carried out.

Rénoclimat program enhancements provide for:

  • An increase of over 60% in the financial assistance currently granted;
  • Extension of the program to buildings with 4 to 20 housing units;
  • Reduction of the cost of the first energy evaluation from $150 to $50. This reduction will be applied when the renovations to the household have been completed and when the second post-work evaluation of the home has been performed.

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