Financial assistance
Are you planning to do some work on your property? Take advantage of the financial aid programs established by the city and its partners to upgrade and maintain your home. Here is an overview of what is available to you.

Minor Residential Renovation
Provides financial assistance for the renovation or replacement of certain exterior or interior components of residential or mixed-use buildings that include rental housing*.
The sum varies with the nature of the work. To be eligible, renovation projects must warrant at least $1,000 of financial assistance on average per dwelling, with a maximum of $4,000 on average per dwelling. The maximum amount of financial assistance is $100,000 per building but cannot exceed 50% of the value of eligible work.

Major Residential Renovation
Provides financial assistance to owners of rundown residential buildings to completely renovate their building or, in certain specific cases, for the demolition and reconstruction of their building*.Owners are granted a percentage of the cost of work as established by the Direction de l’habitation de la Ville de Montréal, up to the maximum eligible amount per dwelling. The maximum amount granted is $500,000 per building and $750,000 per building for non-profit organizations or housing co-ops.

Stabilization of Residential Building Foundations
Offers financial assistance to owner-occupants of residential buildings to consolidate foundations affected by subsidence.
The sum is based on the work required, such as the number of piles needed and linear meters of foundations to be replaced. The maximum amount of financial assistance is $15,000 per building.

Demolition of Accessory Structures
Offers financial assistance to residential building owners for the demolition of structures such as sheds, garages and enclosed staircases that are beyond repair, incompatible with their environment or dangerous.

The sum is based on the type of accessory structure to be demolished, the number of storeys and their average floor area. The amount may vary between $1,300 and $7,000.

The borough also has a shed-demolition program that provides for a $1 grant per square foot of floor area.

Home Ownership
Provides financial assistance to facilitate first-time home ownership (in Montréal) for buyers of new affordable housing and tenants who wish to purchase the rental building (two to five dwellings) in which they live.

The sum granted (between $5,500 and $8,500) varies according to the type of housing and, in the case of new properties, the type of household.
To obtain further details on these programs and to find out whether you are eligible for them, you can pick up the relevant leaflets at the Bureau du citoyen or refer to the Web site of the Direction de l’habitation de la Ville de Montréal, at

* The type of eligible building differs according to whether or not it is located in a designated area.