PLEX TRANSACTIONS DOWN SLIGHTLY In the 4th quarter of 2005, 1251 plexes changed hands, for a small decrease (-5%) from the 1312 transactions registered in the 4th quarter of 2004.

The plex resale market remains the least active in the Montreal metropolitan area. IN fact, in 2005, there were four times fewer plex transactions than single-family home sales.

In all, 5129, plexes were sold in 2005, compared to 5461 in 2004. Annual plex sales therefore fell by 6%. The strongest decrease was noted in Laval, where these transactions declined by 13% between 2004-2005.

Plexes still remain a popular housing type. The listings-to-sales ratio stood at 6 to 1 in the 4th quarter of 2005, and active MLS listings rose by only 11% between 2004 and 2005. The relatively small number of listings no doubt contributed to the appreciable increase (+10%) in the average selling price from one year to the next. Selling prices went up more significantly in the suburbs than on the Island of Montreal.

For 2005, the average selling price of plexes attained $291,379 in the Montreal metropolitan area.