Taken from the book called, “Clear your clutter with Feng Shui” by Karen Kingston

What does it actually cost you to keep your stuff? Let’s do the math shall we.List all the rooms that you have in your home on a piece of paper. Then go in each room and estimate the percentage of space that is be ing taken up by things that you rarely or never use. Be honest with yourself as you do this process. If you want the blatant truth, include everything you don’t absolutely love or haven’t used in the last year.In an average home the list should look something like this:

1. Entrance foyer 5%
2. Living room 10%
3. Dining room 15%
4. Kitchen 30%
5. Bedroom #1 40%
6. Bedroom #2 25%
7. Bedroom #3 20%
8. Junkroom 100%
9. Bathroom 10%
10. Basement 70%
11. Garage 90%

Total Clutter 415%

Now divide the total by the number of rooms.

415% ÷ 11 rooms = 37.72%

This means that 37.72% of your mortgage is being paid to house things that you don’t need or use.

The example given above is an average one. Some people’s percentage will be higher and some will be lower. The point is that clutter costs you $$ no matter which way you look at it.

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