The Real Estate Broker’s Duties

1. Promotes the Open House to the neighbours
2. Place advertising in the Gazette Open House section
3. Use as many directional sings as required
4. Install inserts in top of your sign early
5. Know the home in question
6. Know the local market
7. Places an Open House mention in Centris
8. Has summer pictures of the property
9. Has a sign in sheet
10. Explains to you the whole process

DURING the Open House

1. Agent arrives on time
2. Turn on all the lights
3. Put a fire in the fireplace
4. Have a pleasant natural scent in the house
5. Have soft music playing
6. Open the windows when possible
7. Make sure that the vendor is out of the house
8. Make sure that there is no dog or cat in the house
9. Greet the visitors as they are coming in
10. Provide complete information to the visitors
a. Taxes
b. Heating costs
c. Repairs done
d. School zoning
e. Date of occupancy
11. Be well dressed
12. Put a smile on your face
13. Have fun
14. Have enough listings and other promotional material
16. Have Register to take visitors’ names and requests
17. In winter, clean entry from water (rags, newspapers on the floor, disposable slippers, etc.)



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