After signing at the notary, you enter your new home all excited. You walk around inside and you start noticing things missing that you knew were suppose to be part of the sale.Or maybe you notice that the vendors took the bathroom mirror.

Isn’t that a fixed item?

Or that they’ve ripped out the built-in shelves which have left behind a wall in dire need of repair. Or they’ve left junk in the garage or somewhere else in the house. What about if they’ve left the place filthy mess? Or maybe you’re the buyer and the blinds which were supposed to be left on the living room window are now gone.

For some of us this may seem really odd that people would do such things. Well I’m here to tell you that it happens more then you would like to think. A lot of these issues cannot be solved by a walk-through before hand either. I’m usually the first to hear about it. “So now what? What do we do now?” I’m asked.

Normally the agents get involved and contact each other with the details and try to work things out. Sometimes it works out and some times though what is done is done and the vendors don’t want to hear that

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they’ve left junk under the steps and to come and clean it up. Legally yes they are responsible; however what can you do about it?

This is a legal issue now and this is where I’m supposed to say consult your lawyer. “Consult your lawyer”. I’m also a bit more realistic than that and I know people just want to know of something that they can do. I see two options here. #1, to forget about it and chalk it up as part of a (shitty) experience. #2, Try and fix the problem.

Fixing the problem: Take a lot of pictures and document everything. If something costs money to fix or clean up, keep the bill. Send everything to the other party with a letter explaining (without prejudice) that you would like to be reimbursed. If that doesn’t work, then you might have to take them to small claims, if you so chose.

Sorry that I don’t have better news then that. If any readers have any other great ideas, I would love to hear about them. On a top note, the market right now is still hot hot hot!

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