I’ve been working hard putting a deal together for a real estate client buying an industrial property. He is looking for a place to do his industrial hobbies and live in at the same time. There’s not much out there in and around the Montreal area for anything under $500,000 for industrial or commercial condos. I would have thought to find many funky lofts where artists could work and live. I wasn’t expecting them to be as rare as they are.

There are some condos in Blainville, Dorval, St-Leonard and Chateauguay and Ville Marie that semi suited my client. The only problem is that they weren’t also zoned residential. There are some areas where the municipal by-laws allow you to live in less then 30%. There are also clauses in some real estate condo by-laws that allowed you to have a 24 hour watchman on the premises. This is a gray zone and could be argued that the owner is the watchman.

The areas that I found were all in my realestate software – and then I found www.canallachine.com. I met with the owners and took my client to his unique Montreal lofts on Desjardins and St-Patrick. Great character heritage buildings renovated with minimalist features.

One of their lofts was renovated by Budweiser. It was for a contest that the company had going. The winner won a Bud party with all their friends in a Montreal loft. This loft comes with a party tub and a pool table.

After all that, we found through the same company www.canallachine.com the perfect place in Pointe St-Charles. This is an area that I think is going to be the next up and coming. It’s really close to downtown and still very inexpensive in relation to the rest of Montreal and relatively funky. One of my clients who just bought there described it as a bit like a New York feeling.

The building in question is 6000sq’ of property and building. Because www.canallachine.com does contracting work, my client is having them convert it from a junk space into a great loft with mezzanine and an industrial hobby room. This building has a grandfather clause of industrial zoning. The really cool thing about the location is that the next door neighbour has a stable with horses.

If you have a real estate dream, then follow it. Only because you don’t see what you want right away, doesn’t mean it’s not out there. With a lot of research, determination and help from your real estate agent, you’ll find it.

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