I recently was at an inspection a couple of weeks ago and the inspector had this funky handheld tool that looked like a large Black and Decker stud finder. Looking closer it was showing a camera screen and had many cool buttons. Peter the inspector explained that it was an infrared camera and said that it is going to revolutionize the inspection industry.

This $6000 FLIR B50 (Forward Looking Infra-Red) comes with a 4 full day course on how to use it. Its main feature is to look for air leaks and heat loss. Great for energy audits. It can also check the electrical box for hot breaker and wires, insulation deficiency in walls and ceiling (shows a numeric %), percent of heat lose, active water leaks and old water damage, and it will find good conditions for possible mould problems and more.

What it doesn’t do is find mould and see though glass (but will pick up reflective heat). It also won’t work if it’s the same temperature outside and inside. It does take pictures of the scene and the infra-red.


The implications of this device will certainly change what seems as a two dimensional inspection into a 3 dimensional one. The idea of heat loss and detection of water damage is a great advantage to a lot of buyers.

A regular inspection right now will run you about $700+, with this new tool involved it will probably raise it up more until it becomes standard. This is what Peter is thinking anyway. He did tell me that his instructor’s camera is worth $60,000. Hmmm, I wonder how much he charges for inspections?

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