It seems that no matter how hard we may try to pack them neatly, clothes always come out of boxes wrinkled. This can be a liberating phenomenon for most of us! If however, you strive for wrinkle-free clothing, try layering several items then gently roll up the pile. Rolling the clothes means there are fewer straight edges and wrinkles.

The best way to move computers, televisions, DVD players and other electronics is in the original boxes and packing material. The foam and plastic that came in the boxes are specifically shaped to protect items from impact.

When possible, pack heavy items in smaller boxes for easier carrying.
Use colour-coded labels to denote the contents e.g. red labels for kitchen items, blue for bathroom supplies etc. Use a permanent marker to write the contents of the box on the label.

Have the following items on hand: a roll of packing tape, a pair of scissors, and a permanent marker for every person participating in the move. Also have more boxes than you anticipate needing in a variety of sizes.
Carry all valuables with you.

Instead of newspaper, use clothing, towels or bedding to wrap up breakables. This way you won’t waste energy and money transporting newspaper.
Use strong boxes such as those from the liquor store to pack dishes and pans.
Empty drawers in dressers and tape the drawers closed.

Professional moving companies can usually supply wide plastic wrap for couches and chairs prior to the move. Another alternative is to use old sheets taped in place. Label boxes as fragile on all sides of the box and indicate which side is up.

Moving Day
Hopefully, if all has gone according to plan, you’ve completed and checked off all the items from the previous list. Theoretically, moving day should not be a packing day but it’s a good idea to have an extra box handy along with tape and scissors.

The following are a few other important tips:

  • If you are using professional movers, be there to watch the loading and unloading
  • If anything does get dropped or knocked you will know which items to inspect
  • Examine furniture and loose items carefully before paying for the move
  • Return keys to the landlord or arrange to provide the keys to the new owner
  • Find out what type of payment is acceptable to the movers i.e. cash, credit or cheques
  • Bottles of juice and water along with packaged snack foods can keep energy levels high

If you plan to drive a rented moving truck, keep these tips in mind: a truck requires more time to stop than a car so never tailgate and start braking early. If you need to back into a driveway have someone direct you from behind the truck. Know the height of the truck before hitting the road – it can be hard to estimate the height when approaching an overpass at 80 km an hour.

A well-organized and planned move can greatly reduce the stress involved in packing up and transporting a lifetime of belongings. A successful move can also be a wonderful way to start life in your new home.