Focuses on Design and Eco-friendliness of life now. Tracey’s blog is all about Designing spaces. They are Eco-Friendly, Zen, Outdoorsy, and Feng Shui. The common denominator is the simplicity with natural elements. She will be putting up a lot of examples as well as sights that use eco friendly decor.


BEFORE PICTURE OF FRONT ENTRANCE……………“It will evolve, however right now I’m creating decors using the five elements and trying to make them as energetically pure as possible”. She’s also teaming up with a landscaper to do outdoor rooms as well as creating curb appeal.

AFTER PICTURE OF FRONT ENTRANCE……………“Its all about improving energy on both the inside and outside of your home by creating simple designs that put emphasis on the natural elements or natures elements”.

Tracey MacKenzie has been a practicing consultant and lecturer since 1999. Her work has been showcased in many television shows such as HGTV’s Buy Me, as well as being portrayed in many different publications.

“My eyes have been opened to the natural beauty of the outdoor world. Where I once yearned for indoor harmony, I now revel in the challenge of creating outdoor spaces that will change people’s lives, one step at a time”.