Selling your Home


A full customized selling package, from A to Z

Selling a home can be stressful and a very time consuming endeavor. Making sure that it’s done properly is a must. No one wants their deal to fall through due to sloppy work, or a client coming back after the deal is done.

From valuable market expertise, legal counsel, renovations to dealing with negotiations and proper timelines, my job is to empower you with real estate knowledge and resources, so you can be in control and make informed decisions. Working with me, you’ll also benefit from my network of 1250+ investor database and my team of real estate specialists that I’ve been building over the last 15+ years.


Your house will stand out- Exposing to buyers & investors

Marketing is my speciality. Knowing how to reach clients and bring in as many visitors as possible is the goal. The right timing, key advertising, and professional photos are big part of my marketing strategy. I am plugged into many social media platforms. As well, you will be featured on my site, which attracts 3000+ visitors searching for Montreal Real Estate, and my monthly newsletter.


Why more people trust Jennifer

I say it like it is. I’ll be upfront with you all the time. At the end of the day, I have to live with myself, so I take great pride in my work and honouring my clients. Don’t take my word for it, listen to stories from my happy clients.

Trust that I’ll be there for you

I only take on a limited number of clients per year. I don’t have a huge team that I pass on my business too, so with me, you’re guaranteed hands-on care and customer service. I’m always available to take your call and I get the job done quickly and efficiently.  

Real Estate Broker’s Answering Your Calls? How Important Is it?



Ready to sell your property?

    How do I work

    First Greet- Getting to know each other, 1.5 hours

    I will go over

    • Procedure on what’s involved in listing your home and how I work
    • Tour of your home, list all repairs and staging
    • Your inclusions and exclusions
    • Documents needed and costs  Where Does Your Money Go When You Sell Your House
    • Pricing your home and market update
    • Marketing plan

    Second meetup- Listing house, 2 hours

    • Obtain all original documents
    • Signing brokerage contract and declaration
    • Sign on lawn
    • Professional pictures
    • Measurements
    • Key, lock box


    Fulfilment of Jennifer Walker’s Real Estate Duties

    House issues

    Some homes may have structural issues or in need of repair. I will be able to recommend resources to resolve issues. I’m well versed on all building issues. Attending over 200 inspections, hundreds of quotes (getting schooled) and over 23 + years of my own renovations, I will be able to notice anything that will need attention.

    Price presentation

    I will present to you and analyses of what your property is worth. By analyzing sold properties, active competition, and the market statistics, this will give a clear picture of the value and what your home is worth and what it should be listed at. I will explain exactly why I would choose my price and why, then you can decide on the final listing price.  The Benefits of Pricing Your Homes Correctly 

    Fixing up your home for sale

    Added value. When done properly, I’ve seen average homes sell for top dollar.

    A complete detailed list will be provided of all recommendations to be done to obtain the most number of buyers and the highest price possible. With this information, we formulate the best plan of action taking into account your timeline and budget.  10 Does And Don’ts To Help Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

    Home Staging

    It’s important to showcase a minimal furnished home, so buyers to picture themselves and their furniture. It’s easier for them to envision their belongings in a neutral space. Design and the right colours should add flow to a room. To draw a person from room to room with ease and positive anticipation. We want to avoid any feeling of disruption and anxiety. Buyers sometimes could be nervous, anxious and overwhelmed, so a smooth Zen transition is best. 

    Professional photographer

    I hire and pay for professional photographs. These photographs are created to showcase and entice buyers. I will be staging the house perfectly to create space, beauty, minimalism, and clean lines. Everything that buyers love.

    Professional listing description

    The presentation of the listing is the first point of contact for all real estate brokers and buyers. This information will be created to entice and flatter your property to its fullest potential. Proper room measurements will be taken.


    I will organize with you or with your tenant, all visits. If a buyer is represented by a real estate broker, I let them use the lock box and visit on their own or you may open up for them. If you wish for me to do every visit, we can talk about that. Anyone who is not represented, I always am there with them. All real estate brokers visiting with a client loves the lock box. It’s much easier for them. They don’t have to worry about being a bit late or early, they can discuss openly with their broker. It makes any buyer more comfortable, allowing them to linger in the house longer.  A Successful Open House

    Receiving an offer

    An offer can be presented by the buying broker or emailed. My job is to make sure that the offer is complete, making sure you are protected, and the timelines are met. We will go over the offer together in detail to make sure you understand every aspect of it. From there, we formulate a plan of action either to accept it as is, counter the offer or refuse it out right. I’ll explain the benefits of each to allow you to make the best decision.

    Conditions and details

    This is the most important part of the offer. This is where some offers can go array.